About Me

I was born in Moscow, Russia in a family of architects and graphic designers. Drawing has been my passion since I can remember. I got my degree in Architecture at the Moscow Institute of Architecture and then I worked in Moscow as an architect.

In 1993 I moved to Berlin with my husband and child. I came here to learn computer and got addiction for 3D architectural visualisation. I started to study CAD technical drawing and 3D computer design concentrating on visualisation of architectural objects. After, I started working as a 3D computer graphic designer for different architectural offices and construction companies in Berlin. I created 3D visualisations for architectural projects. As a 3D computer graphic designer I have participated in numerous architectural competitions.

In 2010 I was beginning to be very interested about web design and then continued my training as a web designer. After, I started to work as a web and graphic designer for different media agencies and privat clients in Berlin and Germany with my main focal points on web design and graphic design.

Since 2019, I am working as an employed graphic designer in Berlin companies in the fields of print design, online adwertising, pacaging and corporate identity.

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