About Me

I was born in Moscow, Russia in a family of architects and graphic designers. I studied architecture and worked as an architect there.

In 1993 I moved with my family to Berlin, Germany where I studied CAD technical drawing and 3D computer graphic design concentrating on visualisation of architectural objects. After that, I started working as a 3D computer graphic designer for different architectural offices and construction companies in Berlin. I created 3D architectural visualisations and presentational graphics for architectural projects. As a 3D computer graphic designer I have participated in numerous architectural competitions.

In 2010 I was beginning to be very interested about web design. After studying web and print design at the Media Academy in Berlin I started my professional career as a web and print designer. Now I am working as a graphic and web designer for several different companies, media agencies and private clients in Berlin and Germany. I realise responsive websites with WordPress/HTML and design creatively different kinds of graphic products (print graphics, online advertising, labels, web layouts, logos, banners, outdoor advertising).

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